Countdown To Faith

It was the Fall of 2016 while sitting outside on my back porch that I began talking with God about creating a blogging website. I have a few different offices but my most favorite is sitting outside on my back porch.

There’s just something about being able to hear the relaxing sound of the wind chimes and listening to the birds talk back and forth with one another that helps me in meditating on God.

Writing has always been something that I’ve tossed back and forth, but I would always end it with saying, “some day.” 

I was raised by a wonderful Christian Mother you can read about that Here: Roots She would always encourage me and tell me that I could do anything I wanted to do in life.

She was extremely limited financially growing up and did not have the opportunities that most people have in this day and age as I am sure this was a part of her encouragement towards me.

After just having back surgery that year in November, my relationship with God grew much deeper as I began to rely and depend on Him even more so.

After all, it was Him and only Him that brought me through some long and very dark painful days.

Matter of fact, those long and dark painful days are still with me, but they will never define me.

That prior year in 2015, I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a disorder that causes chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system which provides form, support, stability, and movement to the body.

I put in some long hours burning the midnight oil with God crying out to Him in debilitating pain.

That was when a good night’s sleep was a thing of my past, but believe you me, I had some very successful come to Jesus meetings.

 My eyes were open to so much that year but to be specific on the time, it’s actually been the last few years that I can say I’ve grown in my relationship with Him.

I am learning that I will never be able to do life on my own.

I know that I am loved just the way that I am, flaws, mess and all.

Some days are more difficult than others to give Him praise, but I know that He understands that as well. 

God has ever so graciously provided and answered my prayer to have my own blogging website, but I remember those early days of uncertainty. The times in prayer asking Him to guide my steps and asking His will for it.

I now have this God given and most certainly God driven, way to help encourage someone that may be able to relate to my writings. Someone that may be walking down the same road that I am in their life.

So, you see, even within those, what seemed to be never ending sleepless nights to me filled with pain, God had a plan.

I’ve dealt with difficult health conditions since 2015, and to put it plain and simple, my life has been flipped upside down from what it used to be.

However, again – I know God see’s the big picture of the matter and He is trusting me with this pain.

It is only by my faith, the strength and grace that I receive from Him, that gets me from a day to day basis.

My last surgery was on my hip just a few short months ago in September 2017. I am currently working with a few different Dr.’s and have been praying for the overarching diagnosis.

I know all of this is a part of God’s plan, being able to share my stories here with you. If not, He would not have given me a desire or the ability to have this opportunity and platform.

Who knows, it could even be down to the details of me sharing this story, that He is waiting on.

God is very patient and loving like that, you know.

 I’ve already stepped out of my boat and onto the water, and which by the way, I can’t swim.

I am trusting God to continue to help me when I walk out into the rolling deep and face whatever comes my way in 2018.

 So, what about you – What are you stepping out in Faith for this year?

I would love for you to comment and let me know.

Take that Leap of Faith!

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  1. Nice to meet you, Jennifer! I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced so much physical pain in the past few years–but what a beautiful testimony that you’re using the time to deepen your relationship with Jesus. May he continue to lead and guide you and help you as you start your blogging journey!

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