My Discovery of Creative Worship Through Bible Journaling

About this time last year, I was searching for the ideal Christmas gift for a friend. I went into the local Christian bookstore where I searched and searched, then searched a little more. After being close to settling on a gift card purchase, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.

Down the aisle I strolled as I approached the unique and colorful bibles that had caught my attention. As I flipped through the pages of many different varieties, I knew I had stumbled upon the perfect present.

I realized fairly quickly I was not looking at a typical bible, the kind I was used to seeing. After asking the sales associate a few questions, I found out these types of journal the word bibles had made there day beau a few years prior.

After finally deciding on a specific style, I could hardly wait to give this present to her. It had a very soft leather like feel and was compact enough to easily fit inside her purse if needed.

I knew my friend loved flowers, any and all kinds. Did I mention it had the most beautiful aqua blues, greens and brown flowery art on the cover and back side?  


The inside contained more than 400 scripture line-art illustrations to color, plus a two-inch wide, lightly ruled margin on high-quality cream bible paper. The associate also told me the Inspire bible, which was the kind I decided on, was designed uniquely to appeal to art-journaling and the adult coloring enthusiast.


Christmas came that year and my friend truly loved her gift. I also purchased a few supplies so that she could get started right away. Colored pencils, markers, some washi tape, and some alpha stickers.

I had just a short time before, that past Summer, made the decision to leave Facebook and delete my account in its entirety.

You can read more about that here in my post entitled  Call Of Duty

On my Instagram account, I found myself starting to follow individuals whose interests were also into bible journaling. The pictures that were being shared were of artsy pages taken right out of their bibles. Some shared how this had helped them to connect scripture to their images and then be able to then retain it. I recognized that in all aspects, this was producing more time spent with God, something I absolutely knew that was needed in my own life.

I was simply blown away at what I was seeing! All of the many ways that one could gain knowledge in learning to attach colorful art to God’s word. Not to mention, this also assists in remembering stories throughout the bible. It helped with a visual sense that up until purchasing a gift for my friend, I never even new existed.

I remember we were well into January that year, when I called my friend and asked her to come over and bring her bible and all of her supplies. I should have known after my curiosity was peaked and I began searching for bible journaling pages on what was now my only source of social media, that I would soon be making a purchase of my own.

I’ve always thought of myself to be one with a creative imagination and now I was about to join the bible journaling movement. I was completely persuaded into being capable of expressing my faith through this inspired way where I would be spending more time with God.

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