Where are you Christmas?

So, it seems the Holiday season has blown in upon us, and with it, comes the many obligations to be filled.

The stressful countdown cloud that is known for hanging over heads, likewise may now be situated.

The trees may be completely trimmed with the beautifully wrapped packages arranged perfectly underneath.

You may have your showy evergreen wreath attached on the grille of your car flashing ever so cheerfully.

The cards that will essentially be mailed are marked up and ready to go, except for those last few remaining addresses to be located.

Oh, and the Holiday baking that was started but not finished, has now been placed towards the back of your mind.

The movies are now being played that you want to make time to watch.

The shivering cold bell ringers are all uniquely placed at their various stations. Meanwhile, the tune to Run, Run Rudolph plays on repeat, inside of the cozy shopping aisles.

Maybe you’ve been able to mark things off of your terribly long to do list, only to find it necessary to add more items in their place.

Arrangements are being made to retain your name on the list for the kids to have breakfast with Santa.

Invitations are being received requesting your attendance at the annual work parties.

That unique gift is yet to be located for the not so easy to shop for family member.

The dinner dates have been set to surprise old friends with their present, and to bid them an upcoming Happy New Year.

The lists go on and on as it seems you are being pulled in so many different directions.

So, with that, comes the question, “When will you find Christmas?”

“How long are you willing to wait for its arrival?” 

Considering how time is swiftly passing us by, the arrangements in this season certainly do matter.

The outlook of what you once understood Christmas to be as a child can be reinstated no matter your age.

We don’t have to wait for it to arrive

Take delight in each detail that is still being added and taken off of those lists.

Be filled with Hope and anticipation of the fresh start(s) for the upcoming new year ahead.

Think on all the good in life and let this Christmas be like the ones you used to know.

Live intentionally and do not let this Holiday Season pass you by.

Let us be in attendance with Joy in our hearts because after all, that is where Christmas lives.

In our Hearts!

Though far and wide on this earth we roam, at Christmas time all hearts come home!

Merry Christmas!

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