Call Of Duty


I used my Facebook page to publicly announce my newfound relationship with God. I couldn’t wait to express the joy I had found and thought what better way to do so than to declare it on social media.


After all, I wanted the world to know about this exciting life change that had taken place.


I received many messages of encouragement, some that congratulated me and a few replies of how proud they were of this decision I had made.


It felt so satisfying to let people know of my news.


I took some time to tidy up my Facebook pages that I followed. I removed myself from several groups that I belonged to. I no longer wanted to see anything of my old lifestyle I used to live.

Besides, that was all behind me now and I was no longer that same person.



I was determined this was going to be my new start.


It seemed after my broadcasted message, I found myself beginning to continuously share bible verses and communicate anything and everything about Jesus. In spite of everything, I needed the world to know they too could receive their rescue just as I had through and by Christ.


My heart’s desire was to uplift and encourage people in need.


It seemed I was drawn to letting others know about this hope, as if it were my solitary duty.


When some health concerns started to surface, it was definitely a change of pace for my daily routine. However, I can say that even though my physical strength began to decrease, my faith did not. If anything, it only grew stronger.

I knew in my heart nothing was too big for God.


The days passed and I was in persistent prayer concerning my health and the new circumstances that were happening. I began to feel that God was leading me to another new direction. This most certainly was not easy to decipher by no means.


I searched for uninterrupted time with God every opportunity I could.


I needed to fully understand what He was calling me to do.


There is no reservation in my mind that everything takes place for a reason.

God knows what is best and He can see what is yet to come for us when we cannot.


This is why He is God and we are called to follow Him and not the other way around.


I can tell you that I absolutely loved seeing pictures of friends and family on my Facebook, but I began to realize when I would log on, that some things were just not the same. I no longer found the fun or the funny in things that I once did.


It may have been that I did not feel well enough, that or, it could’ve been I was no longer an admirer of what I was reading and seeing in general.


The decision was made to leave Facebook and fully delete my account.


I started sharing this information around the 15 to 20-day prior point before I would hit the delete button once and for all. I believe I called it, countdown to my unplugging date.


I revealed on my news feed the choice I’d made. I asked individuals to share with me their phone number or address anything they would like to give in order to stay in touch. I described how I felt that God was leading me somewhere but yet that’s all I really knew at that time.


There were no extravagant specifics to reveal other than I was choosing to be obedient and follow God’s command.


This Facebook account that had been created approximately 10 years prior was going to be permanently deleted. It would not be placed in a holding status to easily be able to get back on.


I knew I was going to strike the delete key for this transaction.


As the exchange of information began to take place, the addresses and phone numbers, so did the questions. I received notes from a few folks that asked if I was actually going to do it? When reading their messages, I just simply couldn’t help but giggle.


I knew God had a plan for me and was certain some may not understand, but, that was okay.



What I did know, was that God had a message to give me and had a plan for my life, but it was up to me to find it and receive it. I will tell you I was a little apprehensive, but it was such an awakening time for me as well.


The unplug date arrived suddenly and without any hesitation whatsoever, I deleted my Facebook account.

Just like that, it was gone.

All of the things I had shared the posts, the pictures, I had saved over the years.



Those memories gone with the push of a few buttons.




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